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Retrospective Data Review


This study was performed to determine if organ selection practices for heart utilization by Region 9 transplant programs were optimal, and to identify opportunities to increase local organ recovery. A retrospective review of de-identified region-wide donor data 1/1/10-12/31/13 was performed. Over the study period 537 heart donors were identified, of which 321 (60%) were transplanted. 216 consented hearts were not used; 190 of these were not recovered, and 26 were recovered but not transplanted. 245/321 (76%) hearts were transplanted at one of 5 regional programs, 15 (5%) were transplanted out of region as primary offers, and 61 (19%) were turned down in region and exported. Of the 61 exported hearts, 43 were turned down in region for donor-related “quality” codes (UNOS 830, 833-37) by at least 1 program, the remaining 18 hearts were turned down for non-“quality” reasons, primarily histocompatibility and size. Only 5/43 exported were turned down for “quality” reasons by all regional programs offered the organ. A review of consented, not recovered donor offers suggested an additional 28 organs were possibly appropriate for transplant. Our review of regional turn-downs suggests transplant centers could potentially identify additional usable organs without compromising short term outcomes.

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